Yet Another Report Shows E Cig Vapor Harmless

Yet Another Report Shows E Cig Vapor Harmless

After a study from the Inhalation Toxicology Journal turned in their report stating that vapor emitted from e cigarettes causes no adverse side effects, the group CHANGE from New York’s Clarkson University has published another study saying essentially the same thing. CHANGE’s results more specifically point out that e cigarette vapor does no environmental damage and that it has no effect specifically on the quality of air.

These reports have been paired with others that suggest that e cigarettes do not have the same second hand smoke effect as regular cigarettes. In fact these studies suggest that there is no effect at all. It must also be kept in mind that this latest report comes from a group dedicated to improving the air quality of New York, one of the most heavily polluted areas in the world. This means that their dedication to the issue should be apparent. This begs the question that if all of these independent research groups are debunking assessments by groups that criticize e cigarettes do these independent researchers know something that the critics do not? It would most certainly seem so.

It makes one wonder just how long arguments against e cigarette vapor can persist, especially now that the general public is starting to learn that there is no real effect on the environment. It also begs the question of just what their motive was for this criticism when researching supporting one side of the argument or another had turned up.

Regardless of motive one thing is apparent: critics are running out of viable criticisms.

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