The 8 Best E-liquid Flavors On The Market According To Popularity

There are numerous benefits to using electronic cigarettes but if you were to ask people what their favorite aspect of e-cig use is they would probably tell you the variety of flavors. When you smoke regular cigarettes, you are basically stuck with tobacco flavor and menthol flavor. E-cigarettes have brought a level of freedom to flavors that you just cannot get with real cigarettes.

These flavors are more than mere novelties, however. These flavors are designed with the utmost in quality and authenticity in mind. They are designed for the e-cigarette customer who is in it for the long haul and sees e-cigarettes not only as they, but as they should be. Here are some of the very best e-liquid flavors on the market and what makes them so great.

Blueberry – The most popular e-cigarette flavors are sweet, taking the form of desert flavors. Blueberry brings the sweetness that you crave without being overbearing. The best part about the blueberry flavor is the level of authenticity that it has. Blueberry is a wonderful flavor for first-time e-cig users who want to try something that doesn’t taste like tobacco.

Cherry – If blueberry is a good first-time user flavor, then the Cherry is the flavor you want to try next. Cherry offers a flavor that is bright and bold while remaining light and great tasting, putting your taste buds into overdrive. Fun, bright, and lovely this flavor is a fan-favorite with good reason. It is a flavor that will definitely stick with you and one you’ll undoubtedly find yourself purchasing again.

Tobacco – You may be thinking that tobacco is a relatively safe flavor for the top five. After all, if you wanted tobacco flavor you would just smoke a real cigarette, right? The truth is that when you have the tobacco flavor from an e-cig you are getting a much more authentic flavor. Tobacco is a flavor that has been misrepresented and destroyed by the cigarette industry. When you smoke a cigarette, you are burning the tobacco, along with the thousands of chemicals placed in the tobacco. The flavor is compromised. With e-liquid, you get to taste the real, full flavor of tobacco.

Menthol – As with the tobacco flavor, menthol is a classic flavor that has been marred by the cigarette industry. Menthol should be a smooth flavor that leaves the user refreshed. That is exactly what menthol delivers when it is in e-liquid form. Experiencing menthol in an authentic, uncompromising manner is something that ever e-cig user should try at least once. It really is eye opening.

Chocolate – Chocolate seems to be the flavor that most people are surprised by most. One might think this flavor would be at worst overbearing and at best chalky. However, the authenticity of this flavor makes it appealing when used alone but also as a mixed ingredient with other flavors. If you’re into creating your own e-liquid mixes, then you’ll want to try this flavor especially. It goes well with almost anything. You can add cherry or blueberry for a fruity chocolate kick, but the most common mixture tends to be chocolate and coffee. This combination is a mocha flavored e-liquid mix that’s a favorite everywhere.

Coffee – Many people find themselves unable to start their morning without coffee and a cigarette. With e-cigs, however, you now have a product that is both coffee and a cigarette. E liquids have a reputation for being surprisingly authentic to the real thing, but they can leave a bit of an aftertaste. That’s why it’s so important to find one that you wouldn’t mind tasting for a while. Coffee is definitely one of them. Mixed with chocolate it makes a mocha spin that many find to be refreshing, comforting and energizing.

Vanilla – Vanilla gets a bad rap in the culinary world. After all, when you want to describe something as boring and safe, we use the word vanilla. However, as an e-liquid, vanilla is a wonderful flavor full of depth. One of the biggest perks, however, is the ability to mix the vanilla with almost every other flavor and come out with something that tastes great. Coffee and vanilla is especially recommended but doesn’t miss the amazing effects you get when mixing the vanilla with blueberry, cola, and chocolate. Every mix you make with his flavor is almost certainly guaranteed to be amazing, but it’s great on its own as well.

Grape- If you want the boldness of cherry flavor with the smoothness and light touch of blueberry then the grape is the flavor for you. This flavor is the best of both worlds. While it’s strong enough to give your palate a kick in the pants, it won’t over do it. Light and bold with a sweet aftertaste, it’s like drinking grape soda without all the calories. This one is best mixed with either cola for that soft drink twist or vanilla for a smooth effect.

“Artisan” Mixes- While most beginner electronic cigarette users tend to stick with the same basic flavors, experience users have been looking for more excitement. Then along came the artisan mixtures that many companies now offer. These mixes are flavored after some of the most desired foods and drinks on the planet. Pina Colada, Chai, Milkshake, you name it, it probably exists.

Some companies even go so far as to offer “course” collections. These are flavor types grouped together by meal such as waffles for breakfast time and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. This is a great way to experience the world of e-cigarettes as something more than simply an improved version of smoking.

Who would have guessed that electronic cigarettes would become such a flavor-diverse product? What began as a novelty with chocolate based flavors has quickly become a focal point of the industry. Flavors are now taken very seriously with the e-cigarette community now being filled with discerning users who want quality above all else.

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DIY E-Liquid: The Complete Guide

How To Make E-Liquid
How To Make E-Liquid

Tobacco has fallen out of favor as we’ve gotten used to laws about smoking in public. If you still want your nicotine fix, or even if you want to smoke without the nicotine, you’ve likely moved to e-cigarettes and vape pens. These run on “juice”, a concentrate of nicotine and flavor. Refills of this juice can be expensive, but there are some tricks to making your experience more pleasant.

There are great places to pick up your juice and plenty of resources for making your own, either to save money or customize your flavor. If you know what you’re doing, you can make your smoking experience unique and personal.

The first thing to be said here is that you should be careful when doing any kind of modification or chemistry where e-cigarettes are concerned. Stories of exploding batteries, juice poisoning, and burned lips can make a person think twice about doing any kind of uneducated customization. There are different models to smoke from, starting with the cigarette look-a-like to fancy vapor pens. E-liquid comes in thousands of varieties and can be ordered domestically or from overseas.

Most accidents are either from a lack of education or from a lack of basic common sense. You wouldn’t walk into a chemistry lab, put on gloves, and just start mixing things together without picking up a book or getting some instruction would you? The same goes with mixing eliquid yourself. You wouldn’t put food that’s too hot in your mouth and burn yourself would you? The same goes with smoking from an overheated or malfunctioning battery. Make sense?

Part 1: Types of E-Cigarettes

1. Cigarette Look A Likes

2. Vapor Pens

3. Mechanical Devices

Part 2: Safety

1. General Use

2. Get A Charge

3. Safe Carrying

4. Liquid Safety

5. Driving

6. Nicotine Poisoning

7. Expiration Dates

8. Quality Materials

9. Making Your Own – Steeping

10. Making Your Own – Mixing

11. Wicks

12. Drip Tips

13. Mods

14. Ohm’s Law

Part 3: Mixing Your Own E-Liquid

1. Supplies

2. Basic Mixing Concepts

3. Steeping

Types of E Cigarettes

If you’re going to smoke, the first thing you’ll need to do is pick a model to use. Take into account how much you smoke, how long you need a battery to last, how you want your unit to look, and the level of freedom you’ll want to customize your smoking.

The basic type of e-cigarette looks just like a traditional cigarette. They generally light up at the end when you take a drag to mimic a real cigarette. The “filter” portion of the cigarette contains the concentrated juice, and you change it out when it’s empty. Some of these are rechargeable, and others are disposable. Disposable ones end up costing you a bit more, but they add convenience because you don’t have to charge them or keep up with parts. Loosing your e-cigarette can be costly if you use one that recharges.

The second type, and the most common type you’ll see in public is the vapor pen. About the size of a fat ballpoint pen, these have a chamber for the juice, and they are designed to be refilled. Stores both online and in person that sell vapor pens also sell the juice to refill them. There are upsides and drawbacks to this type of smoking. Some vapor pens also provide a little adjustment knob so that you can adjust the strength of your puffs. The pens are best kept upright, so you often see people with necklaces that have a pouch on them. This may or may not work for you.

Those that still opt to keep the pen in a pocket or purse, often report breakage or leaking because other items smack into the pen. Still, it is a convenient, economical, and fashionable way to smoke. These are the most popular of all methods.

The third type of unit is the mechanical unit. These are often seen labeled as mechanical mods. There are digital versions and all different types. These add any manner of functionality. Examples include a puff counter, battery tracker, voltage range, and more. You can have a regulated device too. Some of the mechanical mods are simply for making your unit look as awesome as possible, with a range of colors and sizes to suit any taste.


General Use

Most people begin with a simple e-cigarette, so we’ll start with some beginner’s safety tips. These starter cigs are very user friendly, so there’s not a lot to be concerned about. The biggest concern is watching the temperature they reach. Cheaper models might heat up faster than higher end ones, but they all heat up some. This lets you know that you’re running out of juice.

If you use your e-cigarette a lot, your atomizer is going to get hot. That’s what the atomizer’s job is, after all. If it starts getting too warm, set the thing down for awhile and relax. If you can’t do that, just switch to a different unit for awhile. Pretty simple, right?

When you’re smoking and you stop getting flavor, or you start getting a burnt taste, you’re running out of juice. Your unit is going to get hotter if you don’t have any juice.

Battery storage is just as important with e-cigarettes and vapor pens as it is with other kinds of batteries. Don’t put your battery near a really high temperature or a really low temperature. Ideally, you can keep your battery in an area that stays around 60 degrees. If you aren’t going to use your battery for awhile, make sure it has around a half of a charge on it when you store it.

When you buy your unit, it might come with a little plastic tip. This keeps your juice from evaporating. E-liquid is expensive, so you don’t want to lose it. If you want to begin modifications, get a higher end unit. Starter units are generally not meant for modification.

Get A Charge

E-Liquid Charging Tips

Let’s be clear. Your e-smoking unit is going to come with a manual. Real the manual!

Battery explosions have happened, and the majority of those happen while charging the unit. A lot of this can be prevented by common sense and doing things right. If you’re basically going to by a battery powered nicotine heater, you really should practice some caution by learning to use it properly.

Much like a candle, don’t just leave your e-cigarette charging all alone. If you’re nearby, you can fix any problems that might come up. Overcharging your battery is one of the problems that causes malfunctioning. This means that charging it at night while you sleep could be hazardous. Once the battery is charged, unplug the thing.

Third party chargers can be shoddy and hold a different rating than the one that came with your e-cigarette. If at all possible, buy a backup charger when you purchase your unit, and only use the charger that comes from the company you bought the unit from. An unsafe charger can cause major problems for you.

Don’t charge your e-cigarette in reach of your kids or animals. The reasons for this are obvious. Also, if you shouldn’t store the battery in very high or low temperature, you really shouldn’t charge it in very high or low temperature.

Safe Carrying

Carrying an electronic device of any kind should be done with a little forethought. You know if you carry ear buds in your pocket that they will short out faster. You know that if you get your cell phone wet that it turns instantly into a paperweight. Carry your e-cigarette or vapor pen with the same common sense.

Batteries carried with keys and coins is an obviously bad idea. Don’t do that. It can cause a short circuit, potentially destroying components inside your e-cigarette. This means you’ll need to get a new one.

E-cigarettes often come with a carry case, or there is one that can be purchased for it. It is recommended that you get one and use it. For vapor pens, there is a pouch that can be carried on a necklace, keeping your pen conveniently located.

Turning the unit off before you carry or store it can greatly reduce risk of short circuits and malfunctioning.

E-Liquid Safety

E-Liquid Safety

The biggest danger, outside of the heat created by the e-cigarette, is the juice or e-liquid itself. It’s concentrated nicotine, which means it’s concentrated poison. Nicotine is a toxic substance. Don’t forget that. If you’ve ever used a cheap e-cigarette and it leaked juice on your lip, you know how unpleasant that is. We can stop this from happening.

First, know that an e-cigarette is not the same as a real cigarette. You don’t have to pull as hard when you take a drag. Long, gentle puffs are recommend for e-cigarettes. If there is a button you push to activate your pen or cigarette, keep breathing in after you let go of the button. This stops e-liquid from forming condensation the mouthpiece.

Keep your vapor pen upright, with the tip at the top. This keeps you from taking in too much juice if something leaks. Even if you spill e-liquid on your hand, nicotine gets in through the skin, so clean up any spills right away. Use warm soapy water to clean it.

If you use a cloth or mop to clean up the spill, make sure you clean it very well with soap to get any nicotine out. Wearing cleaning gloves while you clean up the mess is also a good idea. Never let your children or animals near a spill until it’s completely taken care of.

Most safety issues just effect the person making the mistake. E-liquid effects more than just you. Your kids don’t know that you can’t drink from an e-liquid bottle, and your dog certainly doesn’t know not to chew on one. If either of these things happen, you can easily have a death on your hands. This is more than just a little dangerous. Don’t keep your e-cigarette stuff, any of it, where small hands or paws can reach it.

Think of storing e-cigarette and e-liquid supplies much like you would storing an uncapped bottle of bleach or a bottle of pills around children and pets. This is the level of care you should take in storing your e-smoke supplies.

Safe storage and useful procedure come together here. To keep evaporation to a minimum, keep your juice in a cool, dark place. High shelves, medicine cabinets, and similar locations are great for storing your supplies. Keep it away from fire and heat, so don’t store it in the cabinets above your stove or other appliances.

Cabinet locks and child proof containers provide an extra layer of protection, but your best bet is that those mechanisms are not even in reach of your little ones to begin with.

When refilling, even a spill on your clothes should be cared for immediately by getting them into the washing machine or hand washing the spot with hot soapy water.

To keep your flavor in tact, and fulfill the requirement that it’s out of reach, you can actually freezer your e-liquid. It will stave off flavor loss as well as evaporation.

Just like anything you put into your body, you could be sensitive or allergic to something in your juice. It’s vitally important to know what an allergic reaction looks like and what to do if you experience one. There are also considerations to be made for those who have various health issues or those ladies who are pregnant. What medications you’re taking can even effect your experience.

Propylene glycol is an ingredient in e-liquid. Throat irritation or allergic reaction from the propylene glycol is one of the most common reactions people have to e-cigarettes and vaping. If you have a sore throat, you start having trouble breathing, you experience headaches or nausea, or you have traditional symptoms like itchy or watery eyes, a rash, hives, or swelling then you might be having an allergic reaction.
This doesn’t mean that you have to stop smoking your unit. Vegetable glycerin juice, absent of propylene glycol, is widely available.

Medical problems should be taken into account as well. Talk to your doctor before you start vaping if you have any concerns. Those with asthma, heart problems, diabetes that requires insulin use, hyperthyroidism, or a skin condition (psoriasis, eczema, etc), you could have a reaction to the nicotine. Even anti-depressants can cause a problem.

You could always try vaping and see what happens, but it’s much smarter to seek out qualified medical advise based on your personal history and conditions. No one wants to suffer medical complications over a vapor pen.

Those women who are pregnant should keep away from nicotine. Talk to your doctor on your own for guidance, but the simple fact is that nicotine is bad for pregnant women.

You Can Freeze E-Liquid


Smoking while you drive is an American pastime. Our parents did it, there parents did it, and I’m sure people have been smoking while they drive since the Model T Ford rolled out of the factory the first time.

So it goes, people will smoke e-cigarettes or vape while they drive, and that’s ok. We are a country of people who eat, talk, smoke, and more in our cars, whether or not it’s good for us.

If you’re going to vape and drive, exercise the same caution you would when doing anything else in your car. This just means to use reasonable judgment. Don’t do something like trying to refill your e-cigarette while you drive. Make sure that anything that needs done, from battery charging to refills is done before you get in the car.

Changing out parts is obviously dangerous, as would be spilling concentrated nicotine from the juice on your skin. How are you going to clean that up in rush hour? Anything requiring two hands should not be done while you’re driving. It can wait until you’re stopped and the car is shut off.

There is no part of your e-cigarette that should be thrown out your window. Littering fines are expensive and e-cig parts are not good for the environment.

Nicotine Poisoning

Ok, it’s unlikely that you will consume enough nicotine while vaping to get nicotine poisoning. Officially, a dose of nicotine between 30mg and 60mg is fatal for the average adult. In this case, the official line is questionable. There have been reports of adults consuming more than what is considered fatal and surviving. There has also been some discrepancy in the amounts of nicotine found in the blood of those who have died from nicotine poisoning. Even though it is unlikely, you should still know the symptoms of nicotine poisoning in case of accidental ingestion or the like.

New information suggests that the fatal dose for an adult is between 500mg and 1 gram. Nicotine poisoning is characterized by nausea and vomiting, dizziness, stomach pain, respiratory distress, cardiac arrhythmia, and excess saliva production.

Nicotine poisoning can occur both from oral ingestion or topical absorption. If you or your child accidentally swallows e-liquid, go right to the hospital, don’t wait for symptoms to show. Go right then. If you experience these symptoms, go to the hospital. Don’t wait. Don’t set the vapor pen down and smoke later. If you’ve ingested enough to get nicotine poisoning, you have ingested too much and your health is at risk.

Most people will not vape enough to get nicotine poisoning. You intake nicotine based on what your body tells you. You feel certain things when you don’t have enough nicotine, and you feel things when you have too much. Thus, you self regulte. If you are smoking so much that you experience nicotine poisoning symptoms, you might consider seeking the assistance of an addiction counselor or specialist.

Expiration Dates

Some bottles of e-liquid are going to show an expiration date. The question is, much like with food, what does that date really mean. Does it mean that it’ll poison you or that the flavor will just be less? There are a few things you can do to determine if your e-liquid is still good or not. If you determine it’s still good, it’ll be safe to vape.

There’s not agreement across the board on how long e-liquid lasts. When you look at the ingredients of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavors, you’ll probably get a year or two out of a bottle.

If you haven’t touched your bottle of juice for awhile, you might see bits of sediment in the bottle. This is just things in your e-liquid separating. Shake it back up. If the denser bits don’t dissolve back into the liquid, it’s probably gone bad. You can also use some of the same sense you use for food. Does it smell funky? Does it look wrong? If so, it’s gone bad, get a new bottle.

Quality Materials

The awesome thing about e-cigarettes and vaping is all the flavors and strengths available to you. There is far more variety in juice than in traditional cigarettes. Some e-cigarettes and vapor pens are made of cheaper materials though, and some of the flavors have a higher than normal acid or base content.

Make sure the tank on your unit is made from quality materials that can stand up to multiple strengths and flavors. If you find a pen you like and it doesn’t have a good tank, replacement models in several materials are probably available. That is the other good side of vaping. You can customize your unit to just your specific needs.

Glass and Pyrex tanks are the best. Tanks of PETG plastics and even metal tanks are great as well. A strong tank cuts out the risk or the juice melting or cracking the tank.

Fruit flavors, cinnamon type flavors, and ones that would be high in acid are the worst on the plastic tanks. You can get a list of flavors that are hard on them, but it’s better just to make sure that your tank is a quality one to begin with.

If you do crack a tank, just follow the advice from earlier on how to clean up the spill, making sure that the area is clean and dry.

Obviously glass tanks have a separate issue, which is dropping or impact. It might be strong glass, but if you drop it on your tile floor, it might shatter.

Making Your Own: Steeping

There are those that choose to make or mix their own juice. They are either looking for a specific strength or flavor, usually. Some just like the chemistry aspect of it. Either way, you should educate yourself on proper procedure and follow all safety regulations if you choose to make your own e-liquid.

Steeping is one of the steps in making your own juice. It involves agitating the liquid to combine the ingredients. It lets harsher parts of the liquid to evaporate. Overall, safety when steeping involves the same common sense used in storage of your juice, but with a little extra in terms of precautions.

Keep your steeping liquid up high, out of reach of pets and kids. Lockable cabinets are best, especially for those steeping without caps or full containment.

Propylene glycol has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. This means that you’re not likely to encounter real contamination, even if you don’t use a cap. All the same, you should clean the area you’re keeping your steeping liquid in. Make sure not to store the liquid with anything that could very obviously cause a contamination issue.

This goes both ways. If you don’t want it in your e-liquid, don’t keep it near your e-liquid. If you don’t want your e-liquid in it, don’t’ keep your e-liquid near it. This is simple common sense.

When you shake the liquid, you cap it tight to keep it from leaking, and when you squeeze out the air, be careful not to spray it on yourself. We’ve already discussed the dangers of concentrated nicotine on your skin.

Making Your Own: Mixing

Vaping is expensive. For those with a little gumption and some brains, mixing your own could be a fantastic way to save money. This is chemistry. Be aware of that, because if you try this without enough knowledge, it’s very dangerous.

Before you make any try at this, you need to understand what could go wrong and how to keep it from happening. Handling concentrated nicotine is no joke, and there are procedures to be followed.

Don’t buy pure nicotine. You don’t have to do it, and spilling just a little might kill someone. For those just starting out, try concentrates of under 60mg/ml. Keep good rubbing alcohol nearby in case you have a spill.

You are going to need some safety equipment. Good safety goggles, gloves (medical type are fine), and containers rated to hold the ingredients you’re using.

The most important brain work you’ll need to do is learning to calculate nicotine strength. You can use a strength calculator for e-liquid. ( This helps cut out math mistakes, but you still need to understand how the math works. If you don’t, you won’t be able to pick up on mistakes that could be potentially dangerous.

Nicotine strength is calculated by dividing the total mg of nicotine by the total ml of liquid. If you have 8ml of 10 mg/ml liquid, it has 80 mg of nicotine all together. It’s simple enough math, but it’s not something you can make a mistake with. Always double check your arithmetic.


Liquid safety is important, but it’s just as important for the rest of your e-cigarette or vapor pen to be safe. No one wants contaminants in their vapor pen. The wick, after liquid, is the second worst source of contamination. Almost every wick needs some preparation before you use it, and obviously you’ll need to take all necessary precautions when doing this. Safety first, after all.

The idea is to make sure your wicks are clean before you use them. This prevents contamination that might have come from the factory. If your wick is cotton, steel mesh, or silica, you can boil it. Stainless steel and silica wicks can also be prepared by dry burning or torching. You do have to be careful not to burn silica.
If you oxidize your stainless steel mesh wicks, you can help prevent shorts. You do this by coating the wick in juice and torching it. Obviously basic fire safety is at play when you do this.

Some people are concerned about the safety of different wicking materials. If you use a silica wick, opt for ekowool silica because it’s almost all amorphous. Don’t heat your stainless wicks to a glowing point either. This will keep at bay any material issues.

Drip Tips

So you put a drip tip on for safety, and that’s a good thing to do. Unfortunately you put on one that conducts heat and burned your lip! What were you thinking?

There are plenty of drip tips that don’t conduct heat. Find one. It’s also important to keep the drip tip clean. Do you really want to deal with gunk build-up?

Pyrex (glass), acrylic, delrin, and ceramic are the best materials to keep heat build up to a minimum. If the tip gets warm, take a break. You can clean any of these with hot water and soap. Alcohol is great too on all of them except acrylic, which doesn’t like alcohol. Just use extra hot water with your acrylic tips.

Cleaners made for adult toys are great. They are gentle enough to be used on sensitive materials, but strong enough to remove any gunk and germs.


Batteries exploding, flames shooting out, and parts flying everywhere are scary things to face. On a normal, store bought, stock vape pen or e-cigarette, these are not really things you’ll have to be concerned about. If you decide on mods though, you’ll want to make sure you’re being safe.

The easiest way to minimize risk is to buy your mods from a reputable dealer. Cheap crap is great sometimes, but not on something that is going to constantly be near your face. Spend a few extra dollars and stave off fire concerns with your mechanical mods.

What you’re fighting is called thermal runaway. Any lithium battery can have this problem. Your laptop and your phone have the same kinds of batteries and can experience thermal runaway. Heat builds up in your electronic device causes the battery to heat. The hot battery causes your device to heat. It’s a cycle. In a normal circumstance, this heat vents. If it doesn’t, if the heat is confined and can’t get out, you get an explosion. These are rare, but they happen.

Higher quality batteries are a big help. Lithium manganese batteries are great for this. It’s one component that you don’t want to be cheap. Also, don’t be power hungry and stack batteries. You don’t need it. It will only cause problems.

Smart chargers help too, along with following the earlier safety advice when it comes to charging. Make sure all your mods have vent holes and appropriate safety mechanisms as well. Be smart, and ask questions.

If the battery heats up too much or vents out hot or flaming gas, get away from it. The same thing applies to batteries that swell up. If it’s cool, you can dispose of the battery itself, but if not, just toss the whole mod. Make sure to properly dispose of these things. You can’t just toss them in your trash can.

Ohm's Law

Battery failure is a huge safety concern. Batteries have limits, and if you ignore those limits, you risk battery failure. Battery failure is an even bigger concern for those using mechanical mods. This might make these mods sound bad, but they aren’t. You just have to practice reasonable safety precautions.

Ohm’s law helps us understand these problems and how to prevent them. This is also the first step in understanding how to build your own coil, an advanced step.

Basically, Ohm’s law states that current (measured in amps, represented as A) is equal to voltage (represented as V) divided by resistance (in ohms and represented as Ω).

Practically, this means that if you push the voltage or lower the resistance, you will draw more current from the battery. You want to avoid drawing too much current from the battery. How much is too much though? Are you left to guess?

Your battery has a rating. I’ll bet you didn’t know that. The rating says how much current it can provide continuously without messing up. A Sony VCT3 gives 30 amps, and it is the best option if you want something that gives high current. The manufacturer or a search online can give you these specifications. Be careful with low resistance atomizers.

Mixing Your Own E-Liquid


Your kitchen Tupperware isn’t quite enough to mix up your own e-liquid. You’re going to need some equipment and ingredients. Fortunately all of this is super easy to purchase online.

Your ingredients are liquid base, flavoring, and nicotine. Your liquid base can either be propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. If you have a sensitivity to one, you’ll need to use the other. Always buy food grade varieties of these things.

Flavorings vary and can be mixed together. These come in the form of flavor concentrate, which you then dilute in the liquid base. Use a calculator to figure out the proportions to mix these in. Remember that some of the flavors have a percentage of nicotine already in them, which should be included in your math.

Nicotine is dangerous to handle, as you’ve been reading, so if you’re going to mix up your own e-liquid, you’re best to purchase commercial nicotine liquid for the nicotine portion of your juice.

You’ll also need the appropriate grade drippers, bottles, and measuring glass. Syringes with low gauge needles make transferring your ingredients easy and safe. You’ll also need safety goggles and medical gloves. For added safety, you can purchase a simple chemistry apron pretty inexpensively. This provides another layer of protection in case of spills. A rubber cover for your table will also make spills easier to clean and prevent damage to your furniture. Rubbing alcohol should be used to clean any spills you have. These are easy to pick up online as well. Search for basic chemistry supplies.

Basic Mixing Concepts

There are a few things you need to know before you consider mixing up a batch of e-liquid. The first is that you should never ever use distilled water, vodka, or anything else to cut your juice. These additives are not needed at all. If you see them on a calculator, ignore them. The more things you add, the bigger the risk for contamination.

These fillers will only introduce problems or make your mix weaker, and you don’t want either of those things.

As far as choosing your nicotine goes, this is where I stress again that only an idiot would buy pure nicotine. 1Mg of pure nicotine can be fatal, and that’s with the higher toxicity numbers we talked about earlier. This toxicity includes spills on your skin. Yes, if you spill pure nicotine in any real volume on your skin, it will kill you. Is it worth dying over to ignore this?

It’s easy enough to find 54-60 mg/ml nicotine that has been diluted in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. It’s a good idea to stick below 60 when you first start out.

Don’t count in drops. Measure liquid correctly, using proper procedure. Read your measurment at the bottom of the meniscus (the curve at the top of liquid in a container).


Once you’ve mixed your liquid, you’ll need to let it steep. You are already familiar with the basics of steeping and why you need to. You steep tea, letting the flavor from the leaves work its way into the hot water. Some food you make require a step of letting ingredients sit so that the flavors come together or so that less desirable flavors leave.

Those who have made their own wine are even more familiar with this process, though wine sits far longer than e-liquid needs to.

The easiest way to steep is to put your new juice in a pretty warm dark place. Let it sit from two days to a week long, checking on it sometimes and squeezing out any extra air.

You can also combine water bath heating and agitation. Drop a sealed bottle of new juice in a bowl or sink of warm water for a little while. Don’t get the water too hot. Afterward, apply agitation, shaking the bottle and letting the bubbles go away. Repeat as many times as you like.


There are obviously some dangers involved in e-cigarettes, vapor pens, and e-liquid. These dangers increase as you delve into more advanced types of activities. Building your own vapor pen, using different components, and making your own e-liquid can provide you with a personal and unique smoking experience. This reward drives some to experiment with these things. You should only customize your unit or e-liquid if you are prepared to do the research and follow all safety procedures. You are working with toxic substances, batteries, and electricity. Use your common sense when making decisions, and remember not to abuse your equipment or ingredients.

Most examples you’ll find of mishaps come from someone who did not take reasonable precautions when handling these materials. If you play with pure nicotine, stack batteries, use sub-par equipment, and non-issued chargers, you’re going to have a problem. On the other hand, if you aren’t stupid, you’ll probably be ok.

Having new toxicity estimates where nicotine is concerned helps, but even more useful is using rational concentrations of nicotine to start with. Basic precautions like this are what keep accidents from happening. Good equipment is imperative too. Shop from a reputable store carrying chemistry equipment rated for your ingredients. Remember to avoid weak plastics as well. If your juice will crack the tank on your cheap vapor pen, then it won’t have a problem with a milk jug if you want to mix in shoddy containers.

There are plenty of experts that can guide you. Go down to your local shop and find someone with some experience. Troll the forums, and see what is working for people. Browse the websites for safety features. Chemistry knowledge seems dorky, but knowledge chemistry students don’t kill themselves because they played recklessly with chemicals or batteries. If you pay reasonable attention to all that you’ve been told here, and you proceed with the appropriate respect for your equipment, you’ll enjoy vaping for years.

Below are sources where you can do more research for yourself and a location for puchasing basic supplies. The information includes battery safety, government provided nicotine toxicity information, and more.

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