We Had Their Curiosity, Now We Have Their Attention

We Had Their Curiosity, Now We Have Their Attention

E cigarettes weren’t always the juggernaut that they are now. Many people looked on at them as simply a curiosity, something that people would give a try, be amused with, and ultimately move on from. But others saw the future.

They saw a new technology that had all the potential in the world to become the most popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. A few years and $2 billion later the people in the latter category have been proven right. And now e cigarettes have the attention of the world at large.

The tobacco industry has already turned its attention to the e cig industry. The Blu cig brand has already been purchased, evidencing an “if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em” mentality. This is because e cigarettes are now the most popular alternative to regular cigarettes, surpassing small cigars. They are now a $300 million a year industry.

That is money that is coming out of Big Tobacco’s very large pockets. Big Tobacco is looking to not only recoup the money they are losing but to find ways to use their name brand recognition to make even more money. But this could heavily backfire when one considers that the main reason people turned to e cigarettes to begin with was to escape Big Tobacco.

It is not just corporations that are turning their heads toward e cigarettes. The general public is starting to gain greater awareness of them. There is curiosity about them and that curiosity is leading to people genuinely learning about them and gaining actual perspective on them. This is a huge deal given that the general public is being conditioned to strongly dislike and distrust anything having to even do with the word “cigarette.”

We’re standing on the threshold of a brave new world. Or at least a world where e cigarettes are potentially more popular than regular cigarettes. They give smokers a truly superior alternative to real cigarettes and they are only growing in popularity. It may take awhile for e cigarettes to get where users would like them to be, but for many e cig users it is not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.