The Nicotine Vaccine: Savior Or Sinister?

The Nicotine Vaccine: Savior Or Sinister?

The nicotine vaccine changes the function of your liver.

How It Works

The new nicotine vaccine carries a genetically engineered virus that houses the genetic information to make anti-nicotine antibodies. When it enters your liver, it selects liver cells that it will then turn into nicotine anti-body factories. Once formed, the antibodies find any nicotine molecules floating around in your blood stream and destroy them before they are able to reach your brain. This neutralizes the effect of smoking a cigarette; you no longer get the euphoric feeling when you take a puff. Nicotine is demonized, but science is finding more pro’s for nicotine than cons lately.

The first thing that’s bothersome about this is the fact that they admit they are infecting you with a virus. And not just any virus, but a genetically engineered one. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen enough sci-fi and horror movies and have seen how scientist’s best laid plans with genetics usually turn out.

Secondly, this virus literally attacks and infects liver cells to turn them into zombie manufacturing plants for nicotine antibodies. This means that there will be a portion of your liver that is no longer doing what your liver was designed to do: detoxify and filter your body’s waste, among other important functions like protein synthesis.

Your body’s liver was designed to filter out your body’s waste, not destroy nicotine molecules. Going back to the fact that the virus is engineered, there is no telling what it could end up mutating into over the years of a person’s life. Could it cause liver cancer? Or outright liver failure? Could the new antibody producing cells start reproducing the virus instead and make the liver a total nicotine-destroying organ and stop it from doing its job filtering bodily waste? Nobody knows for sure yet, but I know what I’d put my money on.

We’ve seen way too many prescription drugs and vaccines go wrong over the past 100 years and have effects that no one foresaw. They’re already talking about trying to give this liver-altering virus to kids!

Why You Don’t Need It

Pharmaceutical companies keep trying to convince everyone that they need some miracle drug to solve their problems, but this is simply not the case; something as invasive as a liver-altering virus/vaccine surely isn’t the answer. Even quitting cold turkey is a better option than this vaccine, as far as I’m concerned.

Big Pharma will also tell you that nicotine addiction is oh-so-difficult to break; but the truth is that nicotine withdrawal symptoms don’t last more than 2 or 3 days at the most. After that, the nicotine is out of your system and the only thing you’re left with is the old hand-to-mouth-carry-a-lighter-everywhere habit. And that’s a mental habit you have to get over, NOT a physical addiction.

Cold Turkey Works Best for “Approved” Cessation

A study published in November 2011 found that quitting cold turkey was the most effective method, but the press release describing the study itself stated that quitting cold turkey had a success rate of less than 10% per year and implied that nicotine patches, gums, and quit smoking medications were more effective when the study had found the exact opposite. Instead of promoting quitting cold turkey, as the study concluded was the most effective, they decided that more effort was needed to “ensure patients receive appropriate evidence-based therapy for smoking cessation”.

In other words, they’re pushing pills, patches, and gums, regardless of the fact that cold turkey is cheaper and works long term.  But, if even cold turkey doesn’t work for you, e cigarettes are an alternative option that millions of smokers have turned to over the last couple of years.

Quit Smoking Medications Are Just Plain Dangerous

The link between suicide and quit smoking medications like Chantix is so strong that the FDA was finally forced to give the medication a black box warning for “serious mental health events” and use they use the logic of:

.. the risk of serious adverse events while taking these products must be weighed against the significant health benefits of quitting smoking. (Source)

Yes, it’s fine that quitting smoking is wonderfully good for your health, but I somehow don’t think that I would be willing to risk suicide short term to do it.