Refilling Your Fusion Cartomizer

We’ve always been huge advocates of e-liquid use because of its convenience, money-saving benefits, and overall practicality. After all, a refill cartridge or cartomizer is still good to use and shouldn’t have to be discarded after just one use.

Even though refilling is an excellent idea, there’s still a bit of a learning curve, and one should be fully aware of the basic how-to as well as any possible pitfalls during the process.

Before we proceed, we need to stress the importance of not letting liquid leak into the battery because it contains wiring that can be damaged if direct liquid contact is made. When refilling, always make sure to disconnect the cartomizer from the battery and always make sure to wipe down the threaded area (part that screws to the battery) of the cartomizer prior to screwing back onto the battery.

How To Put E Liquid Into The Cartomizer

Your Fusion cartomizer may not seem like a refillable part, but it is!
There are several ways to refill the cartomizer:

1. Through the hole on the threaded end.

Unscrew the used cartomizer from the battery and look at the threaded end. You’ll see, at the center of the cartomizer, a small hole that allows for air to flow through both the carto and the battery. You can drip the liquid directly through this hole. Make sure you place one drop at a time and allow the drop to be absorbed into the hole before placing another hole. After dripping, wipe thoroughly.


2. Through the mouthpiece end.

You can place the drops through the hole on the end that you vape on. Just follow the same above directions.




3. Through the mouthpiece end again.

The white mouthpiece end is actually a small rubber plug that can be removed with your fingernail or tweezers. You can remove this, place the liquid drops into the cartridge, and then gently place the plug back onto the end. When doing this, make sure the cartomizer is unscrewed from the battery to avoid leakage.


The Number Of Drops You Drip Into The Cartomizer

This figure will fluctuate a bit because there may still be a small amount of existing liquid when you decide to refill it. When you look inside of the cartomizer, you’ll see filler that absorbs some of the liquid. You’ll notice that you can, in essence, place quite a few drops of the e liquid inside of the carto, but we would advise not going over 6-8 drops because of leaking. When there’s too much liquid in the carto, you’ll end up sucking some of it out during use.

Make Sure You Do This Before Using The Cartomizer Again

To prevent liquid leakage into your mouth during use and reduce the amount of liquid that may travel through to the battery, you’ll need to remove any excess liquid.

To do this, place your mouth over the threaded end of the cartomizer and blow through. Using a paper towel or cloth, catch the liquid that comes out of the mouthpiece end. Doing this before attaching the cartomizer back onto the battery either reduces or completely eliminates the incidence of leakage into the battery.


Eventually, the internal atomizer inside of the cartomizer will stop working, and you’ll need to replace them. Visit our site by clicking on this link┬áto stock up on more cartomizers.

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