Fusion Kit Giveaway

Since this company started in 2009, we’ve heard many stories from both customers and non-customers from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Although each story was unique, the end result was the same: the e cigarette positively affected their lifestyle and quality of life.

How has the e cigarette benefited you?
Has your quality of life improved?
How have your friends, family members, colleagues/work associates helped through your vaping journey?
What made you decide to use one in the first place?
What kind of future do you foresee with the e cigarette?

We’d love to hear your answers to these questions! Receiving positive feedback and success stories is the most rewarding part of being involved in this industry, and it drives us to do what we do everyday.

By submitting your testimonial, you’ll be entered into our drawing to win a Fusion starter kit.

This contest period starts Friday, January 25 and ends Friday, February 15. Three (3) winners will be selected by our team on Saturday, February 16, and names will be announced in a separate post here in our blog.

There is no minimum or maximum word count, but the most detailed and most inspiring testimonials will definitely stand out from the rest! This contest is open to any electronic cigarette user, not just Fusion customers. Please note that submission of your testimonial gives us the permission to publish your story on our blog or used for future Fusion-related material/media. Names can be withheld upon request, and personal information is not disclosed or sold to anyone – ever.

Testimonials can be submitted in the comments box below. Thank you!

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