E Cigarettes Could Lead To Advancements In NRT’s According To Recent Medical Journals

E Cigarettes Could Lead To Advancements In NRT’s According To Recent Medical Journals

A recently published Scientific Journal article suggest that the electronic cigarette may be the one product that could change the face of nicotine addiction, leading to new and effective NRT’s that will actually help smokers kick the habit for good.

Oxford Journal published an article by Dr. Brent Caldwell, Dr. Walt Sumner & Dr. Julian Crane that states the following in their “Results”:

“Thirty-eight trials met the inclusion criteria. Cough, reflex interruption of smooth inspiration, and throat scratch limited the usefulness of nicotine inhalers. The pharmacokinetic profiles of portable nicotine inhalers were inferior to smoking, but among commercially available products, electronic cigarettes are currently the most promising.” (Source)

Dr. Siegel who posted on his blog Tobacco Analysis stated that a second article was published on the subject on the same day in a second journal, specifically the Journal of Internal and Emergency Medicine that also praises the e cigarette and suggest that medical professionals should suggest to smokers the use of the electronic cigarette if they could not or were unwilling to quit.

Dr. Siegel stated the following on his blog:

“I think that the persistence and perseverance of harm reduction advocates, especially electronic cigarette advocacy groups and users, is finally starting to have an effect on public and scientific opinion. It would have been unheard of two years ago for a pair of articles to come out on the same day, both supporting the use of electronic cigarettes as a potential smoking cessation strategy.” (Source)

It looks like the tide is turning for both harm reduction and the electronic cigarette with major medical journals now in support of them as NRT’s and/or alternatives to smoking tobacco.

We fully believe that the electronic cigarette is surely preferable compared to proposed vaccines because of the potential for permanent damage to the liver with the nicotine vaccine.


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