E Cigarette Battery Doesn’t Work – Troubleshooting Guide

When the e-cigarette’s working, the feeling is best summarized in just two words: OH YEAH!

But when it’s not?
Misery with a hint of panic may ensue.

What does it mean when the battery stops lighting up? How about when it stays lit?
These are some of the questions and dilemmas you may encounter.

E-cigarettes will, at some point, stop working properly, and it’s always best to have back-up units.

What to do when your e-cig battery won’t charge

To determine what needs to be replaced, if any, or if there is some underlying issue causing the units not to work, read on!

1) Does the battery light up at the tip when you use the e-cigarette?
Yes? Then, the battery is working properly. If not, then proceed.

If the battery is lighting up at its tip but there is no vapor, it’s possible the atomizer isn’t functioning properly or there is not enough liquid in the refill cartridge. To test the atomizer, take 3 drags off of the e-cigarette and check the area around the atomizer for warmth. Normally, the atomizer should produce a small amount of heat that can be felt on its exterior. If no heat is felt, take a couple more drags

2) Does the battery need to be charged?
Normally, a battery lets you know it needs to be charged by blinking a set number of times. In the case of the Firelight, it will blink 10 times to indicate it needs to be charged. Other models may blink as little as 3 and as much as 20 times. Sometimes, the battery may not blink at all or refuse to light up when the e-cig is used. Either way, charge your battery for the full time specified in the instruction manual and then test it for functionality.

3) Does the battery still refuse to work after charging?
Each model is different, but, for the Firelight, the battery’s LED light will turn on when plugged into a charger and then blink a set number of times when removed from the charger. Depending on the mAh capacity and the current charge the battery holds, the light may shut off about halfway through the charging period. This is normal charging behavior, but there are times when the battery may not behave exactly as described. We’ve encountered batteries and chargers that will not act like this, yet still work properly.

After charging, use the battery again. Is it working now? If the battery still refuses to work, it can mean it’s defective or the charger is defective.

To test the charger for functionality, use another battery that you definitely know is working. If both batteries do not charge properly, there’s a very good chance the charger is defective.

4) Does the “defective” battery work with your other atomizer?
This may be an issue caused by the center contacts on both the atomizer and the battery not touching like they should. You can try the troubleshooting procedure in our other post, entitled “Pulling the Battery Contact”: http://blog.firelight-fusion.com/pulling-the-battery-contact-troubleshooting-guide

The contacts may also be dirty. Periodic cleaning of the units is advised and can be done about twice per week, or more if the e-cigarette is being used heavily. Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, you can swab down the threads and contacts on both atomizer and battery. Make sure the swab is not soaked, rather slightly damp so as to prevent the rubbing alcohol from damaging the battery internally. Make sure to wipe the swabbed-down areas with a dry paper towel and allow to dry completely before using again.

5) Is the battery light activating on its own?
We’ve actually encountered batteries that activate when placed atop a laptop or when placed in a sunny windowsill, so, rule out environmental and external forces by removing your e-cigarette away from these factors. A battery that lights on its own may have been damaged by liquid and/or vapor. If this is the case, the battery will need to be replaced.

Another reason the battery lights up is because the trigger switch/sensor was jarred from its original setting and needs to be put back. You can tap the LED end of the battery against a hard surface, or you can place your mouth over the LED end and blow a couple of hard puffs through the battery to flip the switch back to its original position. Sometimes this method works, and other times not. If the battery still activates on its own, it needs to be replaced.

If, after exhausting all options the battery still doesn’t appear to work, it may time to replace it. Please visit our site to order more rechargeable batteries.

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