An E Cigarette Testimonial That Made Me Tear Up

Hello everyone,

My name is Jim Corkern and I am the V.P.  of E Cigarettes National and just ran across a testimonial that is not yet published on the respective page it was written for. I decided with tears in my eyes to put it here in it’s full text because it reminded me of my story with e cigs (smoked for over 25 years) and why my partner and I decided to open E Cigarettes National in the first place…to help other smokers with no viable option to tobacco. I also have a friend who opened an e cig company after losing his Mom to cancer.

Sure, we make a living from them, but how lucky can you get to be able to be a part of changing over 2.5 million smokers lives thus far? I wanted to let everyone know that this company is not about the money, it is about helping smokers who are desperate for solutions, unlike the cash cow of the 2.3 billion a year cessation market or the tobacco companies that push tobacco, knowing it kills millions world wide each year and over 450,000 here in the US each year. We do it because we care and want to make a difference in peoples lives.

So here is the testimonial that has me all choked up. Our only agenda is to help smokers and their families escape the vicious cycle between tobacco and cessation, and we believe we have found the middle ground that fits the needs for hundreds of millions of smokers if they would just try the e cig.

The first thing that I would like to tell you is that I am the worst skeptic around. And I have waited a month to write this. I certainly didn’t believe all the “hype and testimonials” of people that I’ve never met or even talked to. Because I’m such a skeptic!
I would like to tell you my story and the reason that I decided to try the Firelight e-cigarette. I am a 66 year old lady and I have a physically disabling condition that keeps me inside my home, most of the time. I have smoked tobacco cigarettes for 50 years. Since my condition has kept me inside for the past 4 years, I have only smoked in the “office/study” room of my home, with the door always closed, to try to keep the rest of the house from smelling like cigarettes.

Of course, all I had to do to realize how nasty the cigarettes made my home stink, was to open the door and the stench would be there. I was sick of my hair, my clothes, my breath and my body smelling horrible also.

When my small grandchildren would give me a hug, then back off, wrinkling up their little noses, but were too sweet and polite to say, “Grandma you stink”, then I knew it was high time for a change!

I had heard of the e-cigarettes and seen different advertisements about them on the internet. So being the skeptic that I am, I found and read every article, every testimonial and all the information that I could find about them and about every different brand that is on the market. I did this for about six months before I decided to take the plunge. Financially I had two choices. Either give up tobacco cigarettes (which I had never tried to do before) and go solely with the e-cigarettes (and save about $100 a month) OR stay with tobacco cigarettes. I decided that I would go with the e-cigarettes.

I placed my order for the Firelight Micro Starter Kit on April 23, 2012 and was pleasantly surprised when I received it on April 26, 2012. WOW!! I don’t get my regular mail that fast!

I am so pleased with my Firelights!! I love the flavor (mine are tobacco high strength). And I have NOT craved, wanted or smoked a tobacco cigarette since the evening I received my Firelight e-cigarettes!! I’ve had NO jitters, nervousness or any withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve waited this long to write a review because being the skeptic that I am, I just knew that it would be a bad review…NO WAY!!…These are great!!! After getting used to the very slight difference in the weight of the e-cigarette, I feel like I’m smoking one of my old tobacco cigarettes.
Old habits are hard to break though. When I first started using the e-cigarette, I tried to knock the ashes off of it, looked for a cigarette lighter to light it, and even started to stub it out. That’s how real it felt to me! I have also noticed that I can even taste my food better again. And I can tell a huge difference in my breathing! And there’s no more going to bed and hacking up “stuff” for 10 minutes! My house does not smell bad now and I don’t stink anymore.

Plus I’m saving lots of money each month now. I’m just overjoyed with my Firelight e-cigarettes from e-Cigarettes National.
I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to quit tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is the way to go!

I don’t want to leave out a very important point. The customer service IS better than supurb! They really do stand behind their warranty. I had an atomizer and a battery that did not work properly and I submitted tickets for replacements and received them within 4 days! Everyone (in the reviews) bragged about a woman named May, in customer service. And rightly so! She is the best!! Thank you May.

I think that the only complaint that I have is that the instructions are printed too small for us “old folks” to read. However, I did find that the e-Cigarette National web site has a lot more information through the FAQ section. If I may, I have a suggestion and a Hint.

My suggestion: Please make the handy little box large enough to hold everything in it.

My Hint: The instructions say that when you aren’t using your e-cigarette, to either take it apart (which is really inconvenient) or stand it up with the cartridge down so that the e-liquid can’t leak into the battery. Check with your local smoke shop for what I call a “cigarette snuffer”. It’s a little round ceramic thing that you use to put your tobacco cigarettes out in. But it works great to stand your e-cigarette up in also. That’s what I’m using it for now.
I am sorry that this is so long. I am just so happy and satisfied with this product and company! e-Cigarettes National you are a fantastic company!!

I’ve recommended the Firelight to my neighbor/friend and she has ordered the Memorial Special His and Her kit for her and her mother! I tell everyone I know about this great product! And the “Specials” that you have offered are Fantastic! I ordered the Memorial Special Micro Kit for myself also. This will save me even more money for my replacements that I will need in the future.
Thank you for being a Great company with a Fantastic product.

signed: Sharon A. (a very happy customer in Missouri)


Just so everyone knows, I would like to thank May, Lisa and all of the others that make this company what it is and for putting their heart’s and soul into helping so many smokers and their families lives so much better because of what they do.

Jim Corkern


E Cigarettes National