What Nicotine Strength Should You Choose

One of the most-asked questions a new vaper inquires is the strength of the nicotine they should choose in the cartridges. The refill cartridges and cartomizers we offer are available in four different nicotine strengths: high is 16 milligrams, medium is 11 mg, low is 6 mg, and zero is 0 mg. Regardless of the reason you’ve chosen to try out the e cigarette, we highly suggest choosing a nicotine strength that is either the same or higher than what you’re currently smoking.

To determine the proper nicotine amount, first determine the nicotine amount* of your tobacco cigarette. The milligram dosage for the nicotine is its measurement per 1 milliliter of liquid; therefore, 1 milliliter equals 16 mg (for high strength) of nicotine. Each milliliter is equivalent to roughly 20 drops of e liquid.

Normally, taking 10-15 puffs off of the e cigarette is equal to 1 analog cigarette, and every 10-15 puffs uses just 1-2 drops of e liquid.

2 drops of liquid is only 1/10 of 1 milliliter, so using the high 16 mg in the example, you’re inhaling just 1.6 mg of nicotine.

There are cases in which a higher nicotine level must be chosen, and that is not something that is found out until the vaper actually uses the e cigarette. In the past, we’ve encountered cases where the smoker will use an ultra light cigarette that contains 2 or 3 mg but will need their e liquid in the maximum dose we offer, which is 16 mg. We’ve also experienced the opposite: someone smoking a strong cigarette like a straight Old Gold, which has 18 mg of nicotine, and needing our lowest dosage, 6 mg. Situations such as these are uncommon, but they have happened.

When determining the proper nicotine strength, you won’t need to worry about the tar content because e cigarette liquid does not contain any tar.

*Visit Erowid’s Tobacco Vault here to determine the nicotine strength of your tobacco cigarette, or click here to go directly to our site.

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